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Any number of products and product category can be added.
The entire grocery can be categorized and reached in few clicks.
Advanced search option to categorize products.
Customer can register in the website and profile can be created with history of purchase etc.
Order status details can be updated.

e- Grocery

e-Grocery Online grocery shopping has become integral part for people who work long hours and who are therefore too busy to go shopping.

Online shopping is also an opportunity to increase efficiency, reduce costs and expand the reach of today global markets.

Eyota technology provides e-Grocery analyzing all the industry needs and optimized the usage of online shopping.

Platform- PHP

Industry- Online Grocerry Shopping

Tools and Technologies used- PHP, MySQL, Javascript, JQuery, Ajax


Provides a online platform to capture online markets.
You can add any number of products and categories.
Price of goods can be reduced since less maintenance cost
People can purchase at any time.
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