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Different Colleges, Departments, Courses & Years.
Maintain Student, Parent Faculty & Warden Details.
Maintain Hostel Building, Each floor, Different rooms & Beds.
Maintain Subject, Daily Time Table, Exam Time Table and Marks Details.
Maintain student attendance details.
Maintain Fee Detail, Paid Fee Details, Due Fee Details.
Upload/Download any applications for all the modules.
Post any events in College.
Search old student, old subject & time table details.
Maintain Hostel Visitor List.
Email & SMS Alerts.

E- Campus

educampus E-CAMPUS is an exclusive campus management system for Schools, Colleges, Academies, Universities and Hostel. The application enables instant communication to everyone and maintains complete records of various aspects like Attendance, Exams, Marks, library and hostel. E-Campus also includes a complete suite of application to provide admin, students, parents, faculty, librarian and wardens with anytime access to information and services.

E-CAMPUS has been developed in SAAS model with Mobile device-Responsive format. E-CAMPUS provides highly integrated environment which saves time and effort for faculty, administrators enabling them to focus on academic responsibilities in a low cost of ownership. No hardware or software installations are required for the application


E-Campus modules can be grouped according to the following categories:

  1. Student Management System
  2. Parent Management System
  3. Faculty Management System
  4. Institute Management System
  5. Attendance Management System
  6. Fee Management System
  7. Time Table & Marks Management System
  8. Admission Management System
  9. Hostel Management System
  10. Library Management System
  11. Transportation Management
  12. SMS / Email Facility
  13. Online Payment Gateway Facility (Integration as per client request)
  14. E-Alert
  15. RFID


Easy change from manual to computerized process.
Extremely secure, login authenticated system.
Accelerate and expand communications with SMS and email reports
Parents can keep track of their child's progress.
Anytime, anywhere accessible- Cloud based application.
Regular Newer Versions updated at free of cost.
Based on SaaS (Software as a Service) model.
Zero Hardware Extension.
Full maintenance support, providing hassle-free service.
Scalable and Customizable.
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