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Compatibility of the Tool
Support Services
Timely Action
Enhancement of Knowledge and Awareness over the Functions
Constant Monitoring
Periodic Updating of Information are Essential.

Application Maintenance

Application Maintenance Outsourcing the website maintenance services has become vital in the current growing IT industry. Unprofessionally updates in the website may harm it, links can be broken or lost, content / data / files may exposed or hacked by someone due to lacks of security, and other design related problems.

At Eyota, we provide the website maintenance services and protect your site and investment in your web presence by high precision and mature application maintenance process, which allows effective capturing and reporting resolution of maintenance requests. Additionally, we continually meet the immediate and long terms website needs in both manner technically and data / content wise.

Our dedicated teams keep a constant track of reports, assess and suggest business needs and functions that need to be incorporated into the application on a regular basis. We provide a hassle-free maintenance with a well-structured program and sustained communication efforts.

We believe that for effective application maintenance, timely action, enhancement of knowledge and awareness over the functions, compatibility of the tool, constant monitoring, and periodic updating of information are essential.

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